“Quality is a real transformation of the way we do things, the way we think, the way we work together and our values.” Peter Senge

Aicq Centronord

AICQ Centro Nord is the largest of the eight federated associations in the Italian Culture Quality Association, which is the main non-profit organization operating in Italy in the field of quality and associated issues (environment, safety, health, social responsibility etc.).

It is proposed to promote, encourage and carry out the study of the principles and the application of technical and organizational methodologies for the quality of products, services and related disciplines.


Why join

“A group of people who share a common goal can achieve unexpected goals.” Joining AICQ Centronord means becoming part of a community guided by a shared vision of ideas, values, projects with strong cultural and ethical connotations, which is committed to collaborating to spread skills, knowledge and skills not only at an individual level, but also collective. AICQ, through its Associates, continues its mission to assist people and organizations to face the challenge of change and innovation, in the interest of the country’s economy and the Quality of life.


Training for quality must be done “with quality”. TQM, coherently with its origin, contributes with its own training activity to the diffusion of the culture of quality in the broadest sense of the term. Go to aicqcntqm.it