One of the most important requirements for the effective and efficient conduct of an activity is to have staff with adequate competence. The meaning of the term “competence” is that provided by the ISO 19011 standard which defines it as “the demonstrated ability to apply knowledge and skills”. The same rule continues specifying that to acquire the skills necessary to carry out an activity it is necessary to possess personal requirements, basic training, general work experience and specific experience in the activity to be carried out. The identification of the optimal training path to carry out an activity effectively and efficiently, passes through the following phases:

  • knowledge of the present and future needs of the organization, according to the strategies and turnover of managers;
  • a clear knowledge of the skills necessary to carry out the planned activity in the best way;
  • knowledge of the current skills of people working in the organization;

Only at the end of this investigation can the optimal training path be identified in order to make interested parties acquire the skills necessary to carry out a defined task effectively and efficiently. The identification of the optimal training path is therefore a complex activity and requires in-depth knowledge, as well as personal characteristics, also of the skills necessary to perform a certain function and the current skills of the people who work in the organization.

TQM provides a free consultancy service relating to the training necessary to carry out competently activities in the world of management systems and excellence in Quality, Environment, Safety, IT Security and Social Responsibility.

The Customer Satisfaction, Analysis on Perceived Quality and Customer Experience activities are particularly important.

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