AICQ “Centro Nord” is the largest of the eight Territorial Associations that constitute the Italian Culture Quality Association (AICQ), which is the main non-profit organization operating in Italy in the promotion of quality, environment, health & safety, social responsibility etc principle. Effective 30 May 2011, AICQ Centro Nord is also an official legal entity, according to Italian legislation.

It promotes, encourages and carries out studies on the principles and the application of technical and organizational methodologies to improve the quality of products, services and related disciplines.

In a context where there are strong economic interests, an independent organization like AICQ  is driven only by the desire of promoting the culture of quality.

For this reason, it deserves your attention and your support since AICQ is the voice of those who do not represent “partisan” interests and it’s is a guarantee of impartiality and therefore also of freedom. World-renowned quality experts are part of AICQ.