The mission of AICQ Centronord is to “promote, encourage and carry out the study of the principles and the application of technical and organizational methodologies for the quality of products, services, organizations and related disciplines. They fall into these categories, exhaustively, the Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety at Work Management Systems and their human and technical factors. “

In the first years after its establishment, the main objectives of the AICQ were to increase knowledge of the principles of quality and process control methodologies. At the end of the 1980s, the advent of the Quality Systems standards greatly increased the interest in quality.

A first period of hope and enthusiasm was followed by a disappointment resulting from the prevalence of interest in the certification of the Quality System, understood as the only objective to be achieved and not as a tool to pursue quality.

This fact has required and continues to require a new effort from the Association to prevent the true objectives of the standards from being misrepresented.

This commitment is particularly important for making our culture of quality grow in our country, respectful and guarantor of all the values ​​it represents.