The Sectors are groupings of members that operate at national level and are interested in certain industrial sectors or types of services.

Each member of the AICQ, regardless of the Territorial Association to which it belongs, has the right to join three Sectors free of charge and to participate in the related activities.

The Sectors have their own organizational structure, consisting of the assembly of members, a council that elects a president and a junta; this structure has a large autonomy and is responsible for the sector’s operations. For the organizational and logistical aspects, the Sectors rely on the Territorial Association of competence.

The sectors currently existing are listed in the following list. The sectors with the acronym next to them logistically belong to the AICQ Centronord:

  • Aerospace
  • Vehicles
  • Food - CN
  • Electronic and electrical engineer - CN
  • Civil constructions
  • Rail transport
  • Tourism
  • Transport services
  • Education - CN
  • Public administration
  • Health