Committees are bodies of members that operate at national level and they have the purpose of investigating general topics of interest, that are transversal to Sectors.

Each AICQ member, regardless of the Territorial Association he belongs to, has the opportunity to join Committees free of charge and to participate to their activities.

The Committees have their own organizational structure, consisting of a board that elects a President and a Council; they are responsible for the operations of the Committee.

For the organizational and logistical aspects, the Committees rely on the Territorial Association of competence.

The following list displays the Committees currently in place. The Committees with the “CN” suffix are directly coordinated by AICQ Centronord.

  • Human resources and quality of work
  • Quality Assurance Methodologies
  • Software quality - CN
  • Test and calibration laboratories
  • Environment and Energy - CN
  • Statistical Methods - CN
  • Regulations and Certification of Quality Management Systems
  • Benchmarking/TQM
  • Health & Safety
  • Social responsability
  • Compliance, Legality and 231
  • Business networks