The “European Quality License” (EQDL) is a certificate that certifies the possession of the minimum knowledge requirements of the terms, standards, methods and processes used in the world of Quality.

It thus appears to be a very interesting tool for students, recent graduates and recent graduates and, in general, for all those who enter the world of work or who, already working in the company, want to attest to the level of their knowledge regarding Quality as well as for who, for personal interest, approaches the concepts of Quality.


From an agreement AICQ (Italian Association for Quality Culture) – AICA (Italian Association for Information Technology and Automatic Calculation) a partnership was born aimed at developing a series of certifications of basic knowledge on Quality, at a level comparable to the ECDL, called EQDL (European Quality Driving License), that is the European Quality Licenses. These certifications are mainly addressed to all those who approach, for work or personal interest, the concept of quality certification for the first time: students, new graduates, recent graduates, staff of ISO 9001 certified organizations or simply oriented to process management in quality, with particular attention to the needs of customers and stakeholders; in general to all those who wish to certify their knowledge relating to Quality. It is a personal certification: contrary to the ISO 9001 Quality certification, which concerns organizations (companies, entities, public administration, schools etc.), the EQDL is aimed at the individual person, to enhance their skills, proposing to introduce the fundamental concepts of Quality in the workplace, starting from individuals.

The EQDL license, born in 2007, is now proposed in a new version which, in addition to incorporating the standards set by UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, has the aim of providing practical “Tools” to understand the new “dynamics” that Organizations move through Quality Management Systems.

It thus appears to be a very interesting tool for students, particularly with regard to the new reform law No. 107/15 (school / work alternation); for teachers engaged in implementing the National Evaluation System in their school (Presidential Decree 80/2013, Miur Directive no. 11 of 18/09/2014) according to Presidential Decree 80 SNV.

The New EQDL certification, as presented here, will be accessible to the public from September 2017.

European Quality Licenses: EQDL Start, EQDL and EQDL Advanced

The project was developed by a joint AICA-AICQ working group, made up of experts in the field of Quality from the university and business world, as well as experts in structuring the certification systems of individual skills. The working group produced a document, called Syllabus, in which the topics on which the candidate will take the exams are specified in detail. Various syllables have been developed relating to different levels of certification of skills: EQDL Start, EQDL and EQDL Advanced (in the process of improvement).

– The EQDL Start is limited to the indispensable topics for a knowledge of the start to the issues of Quality. It is one of the modules of the EQDL. His Syllabus contains topics on:

EQDL Start  module 1 EQDL Start  module 2 EQDL Start  module 3

· The evolution and models of production systems.

· The Organization as an open system.

· Main functions of the Organization.

· The concept of process. Process approach.

· Main types of organizations.

· The Supply Chain

· Customer and quality: Internal / External Quality

·Risk based thinking and high level structure (HLS)

· Safety and environmental management (basic concepts)

· The evolution of quality in reference to the market and production models

· Modernization of the Global / Local market

· Process and product innovation

· Continuous improvement (Deming principle, Kaizen- Zairyo)

– The EQDL includes the fundamental topics for a broad knowledge of Quality, at a basic level. Its Syllabus consists of all three modules already presented in the EQDL Start.

– The EQDL Advanced, in the elaboration phase, will deal with in-depth analyzes of the fundamental topics for an in-depth knowledge of Quality, at a basic level, which can be spent on employability and continuous training in the workplace. (in progress)

How they are made

The candidate must purchase the exams for the chosen license from any EQDL Test Center accredited by AICA. He will be assigned a Skills Card (computerized) on which the exams required to obtain the specific certification are recorded. There are different Skills Cards for the EQDL Start, the EQDL and the EQDL Advanced. The exams are computerized, that is, they are carried out and assessed automatically. They can be taken at any EQDL Test Center, accredited by AICA, also different from the one in which the Skills Card was registered. The EQDL Start includes an exam, three are, instead, the exam sessions to be passed for the ‘EQDL.

To face the EQDL Advanced it is necessary to have obtained the EQDL license.

Upon passing the last scheduled exam, the relevant EQDL certificate is issued. There are three certificates: the EQDL Start, EQDL and EQDL Advanced certificates.

The Certificate must be requested from AICA through the Test Center where the last exam was passed.

Economic aspects

The candidate must pay the exam registration fee to the Test Center: the reference price, recommended by AICA and AICQ, is € 40 (VAT included).

The Skills Card (the virtual “booklet” on which the exams are recorded) is free.For detailed information, see the consultation of the institutional websites:  ​ –

>>> For detailed information, please refer to the following dedicated page of AICQ EQDL

>>> For any further doubts, go to FAQ EQDL

Training EQDL

Aicq Nazionale has prepared specific E-LEARNING TRAINING COURSES to support those who want to prepare for the EQDL Certification exams both for the three EQDL Start licenses and for the EQDL license.

Aicq E-Learning Courses of Preparation for EQDL Certification

As already presented we have three EQDL Start licenses and precisely:

✓ EQDL Start Module 1
✓ EQDL Start Module 2
✓ EQDL Start Module 3
Plus an EQDL license which is made up of all three previous modules.

An adequate e-learning course has been prepared for each of the licenses.

Course Program Module 1 "Basic concepts of organization management"
1.1 The evolution and models of production systems
1.1.1 "Mission & Vision" company of an organization
1.1.2 Evolution and characteristics of production systems
1.2 The Organization as an open system
1.2.1 Concept of organization as a system
1.2.2 The Company as an economic (social) organization and its reference environment
1.2.3 Public enterprise (services)
1.3 Main Functions of the Organization
1.3.1 The Organizational Structure
1.4 The concept of process. Process approach
1.4.1 Process approach
1.5 Main types of organizations
1.5.1 Classifications of production and dimensional sectors
Course Program Module 2 "Quality and Management Systems" 
2.1 The Supply Chain (supply and distribution) 
2.1.1 Supply Chain 2.1.2 Supply Chain Management 
2.2 Customer and quality: Internal / External Quality 
2.2.1 The concept of quality 
2.2.2 Product control of industrial production 
2.2.3 ISO 9001: 2015 
2.3 Risk management (risk based thinking) and high level structure (HLS) 
2.3.1 Risk based approach 
2.3.2 organization Context 
2.3.3 Leadership 
2.3.4 Planning 
2.3.5 Support 
2.3.6 Operating activities 
2.3.7 Performance evaluation 
2.3.8 Improvement 
2.4 Safety and environmental management (basic concepts) 
2.4.1 The Legislative Decree 81/08 
2.4.2 The prevention and protection service 
2.4.3 The corporate security management system 
2.4.4 The Environmental 

Management System Course Program Module 3 "The market and tools for quality" 
3.1 The evolution of quality in reference to the market and production models 
3.1.1 First quality management strategies 
3.1.2 Late 19th century 3.1.3 World War II 
3.1.4 Main schools of thought 
3.1.5 The development of Company Wide Quality Control (CWQC) 
3.2 Modernization of the Global / Local market 
3.2.1 Basic structure of the markets 
3.2.2 The "digital" reality and the economy 
3.2.3 The local market 
3.3 Process and product innovation 
3.3.1 Overview 
3.3.2 Types 
3.3.3 Measurement 
3.3.4 Innovation rate 
3.4 Improvement count (Deming principle, Kaizen- Zairyo) 
3.4.1 General concepts 
3.4.2 Planning for improvement 
3.4.3 Problem solving techniques and tools

The course program for the EQDL license is all of the above.

Each topic develops in a series of slides that deal with it and deepen it, examining both the advantages and possible difficulties. Supporting graphs and examples are proposed. In-depth materials are also available (in free consultation and download) and the support of a tutor. For greater knowledge, in-depth verification tests are available.

The cost for each course is equal to:

€ 60.00 + IVA 1 module to be chosen from the 3;

€ 100.00 + IVA 2 modules to be chosen from the 3;

€ 140.00 + IVA for all 3 modules.

Discounts are available for Bodies, Organizations, etc. against the purchase of packages with multiple courses.

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